Electron Emotion by Kale Green a.k.a. Tim Kunkle
Copyright © & i May 9, 1991 Timothy J. Kunkle
ChordPro Version

Eye closes upon the new moon
our sun twirls black spots all around
photons cooking my skin until brown

I see electrons ejecting out of my mind

The "water hole" has radio waves
speed of enlightenment races the sound
drink dipole knowledge lithium clown

A sea of electrons swimming in front of my eyes

Tangent will cosine the sine
Secant a circle with a line
Pick out a place in your mind
That time and 3-Space can define

Symmetry-axis the mood
hydrogen bonding emotion
acrosomal process at home

Coulomb electrons - a current run thru my spine

Clone a vector of friends
map a trip of devotion
plant a garden of ocean