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Here you will find useful links to information - surprisingly, people have sought consults regarding these topics. Email us if you have suggestions for links you would like to see in the future or if there are inoperable links that need repaired.

Get into the "Good WORD" ministries to find solutions for your queries regarding your salvation and sanctification through Jesus Christ. Because, Jesus is the Way - we want to spend an eternity with you! Join us! Worship locally here with us.

The "Music" links here send you to some interesting places of information and commerce.

Check out the "Media" for entertaining information. These particular links were selected for local, regional interest.

The "Vehicle" links found here cluster some useful websites for perusal. Car Deal Advice: find a friend in the car business that you would like to bless. Check their deal for fairness, if needed. Then when you agree to sign the deal, just remember, you'll pay your local grocer more in profits in the next 5 to 7 years than you will pay your car salesman friend! Thanks! Enjoy!



  • Post Gazette
  • Washington Post
  • Indiana Gazette
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Mix Magazine
  • Recording Magazine
  • EQ Magazine
  • Electronic Musician Magazine
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