Living Simply by Kale Green a.k.a. Tim Kunkle
Copyright © & i 1991 Timothy J. Kunkle
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Living Simply

I'll be wearing my mask
Falling on deaf ears
Saying my peace
So everybody hears
We're singing

My heart pumps blood hot
Standing in the spotlight
Shyness go away
I'd rather be a shadow

Remarks will reflect
My heart is like a buffer
Senses are dulled
Everybody knows
We're singing

I never really tried
I try all the time
Afraid to succeed
And take and take and take without

The words I say
I hope you think they're funny
Everything's okay
Going real ducky

Curious is toll
Waiting in the queue there
for money, hunger, soul
Somewhere given freely

I've been working hard
Working all my life
I haven't worked a day
A day in my life worked

I don't want your gold
I just want a home
A place to play and work
What every man is worth
Living...simply living