Music is Kale Green

KALE, is "Kale Green" a.k.a. Timothy J. Kunkle – the scientist ahead of the art. He was third in the band Sit an' Spin. The punk trio slaughtered the Clarksburg, PA farm house first. Sit an' Spin shocked Mack Park. Sit an' Spin also poured 'em in to the basement at KDR at IUP. Watch here for a future retro-release of tunes

Timmy K was the soloist know in Morgantown, WV as "Kale Green". Kale Green rocked the Sunnyside block party. Kale Green sang-out at Summit Hall. Heard on "The Morgantown Sound" was Kale Green's song: Homework.

Kunkle also was a key member of the band named Mother of GOD in Athens, Georgia. There, as frontman, he biochemically helped master an electric collection of talent-diverse musicians. Bard-like, he strolled the evening streets of Athens singing and playing guitar. It was there, his Winterville of life, that he and fellow band-mates Nick Staddon and David Keating planted a "garden of ocean" material for both CDs.

Out of the spiral, Kunkle uses his talents weekly on the worship team at Graystone Presbyterian Church in Indiana, PA. Since returning, Kunkle has been blessed to serve his songs and talent's for a few at Spaghetti Bender's and "The Brown"; as well as, to serve many during Godstock and Revival.

At this coordinate in 3-space and time:

Timmy K is recording new material for future release. Songs about GOD, love, conflict, and strife; and, of course, there are many melodies of joy!

Look for Timothy Kunkle's music at Itunes, Rhapsody, LaLa, Napster, and Amie Street Music.