Consulting Service

Timothy J. Kunkle shares his experience and knowledge. Whether formulating feed stuffs or engine additives, Kale Green Enterprises (KGE) offers economical solutions.

Since 1989, Kale Green is the leader in providing affordable, practical, and optimal expertise that encompasses a broad knowledge base.

Some of our Consultant areas of expertise include: nutrition, pharmacokinetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, cost-analysis, finance, molecular biology, sound recording, music production, literary composition, & wiring. Kale Green Enterprises is a collaboration that works. Professionals, with good intentions, offer valuable information - advice worth retaining.

Do not hesitate to contact KGE - Now your solution! Better; most of the initial consults are no charge! Call now. Vielen Dank.

Competitive Rates:

Knowledge Basis Advice
Common free
Artisan/Craftsman Up to $30.00/hour
Tradesman $30.00 to $60.00/hour
Professional* $60.00 to $150.00/hour
Entrepreneur $150.00 to $600.00/hour
Specialty* $600.00/hour to Negotiable

* Court settlements, intellectual property, etc.: subject to $30,000 flat-rate fee or 10% garnishment/royalty (whichever amount is greater).