Psalm 39 rewritten by Kale Green a.k.a. Tim Kunkle
Copyright © & i 1999 Timothy J. Kunkle
ChordPro Version

Psalm 39

I was dumb, I didn't open my mouth
Because YOU did it

I will guard my ways
Not sin with my Tongue
I will bridle my mouth
While the wicked are near

I was dumb, quiet
I held my Peace
Even from Your Good
And my Sorrow stirred

My heart was hot
As I mused
The fire burned
Spake I my Tongue

LORD makes me to know
mine end
And the measure of my days
Let me know how frail I am
Behold GOD has made my
days a hand breadth
And my age is like nothing to
Truly every man at his best is
just Vanity

Every proud man walks
And toils in vain
Heaps hills of gold
Knows not YOU gather them

And now dear LORD
What wait I for?
My Hope's in Thee
Dear GOD deliver me

Forgive my Sins
All my transgressions
Make me not the Scorn
Of Foolish Simpletons

LORD when you correct my
My beauty's consumed as a
moth in flames
Behold YOU have made my
days a breath
Hear my prayer LORD; give ear to my cry
A sojourner as my Father I am stranger with Thee
Lord that I may know gladness look away from me