Why Did You Doubt? by Kale Green a.k.a. Tim Kunkle
Copyright © & i 2000 Timothy J. Kunkle
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Why Did You Doubt?

In the fourth watch
of the night
HE came to them
walking on the sea
the disciples saw
HIM walking on the sea
"It is a ghost"
they cried out in fear

Immediately, Jesus spoke to them
"Have courage now;
do not be afraid
for it is I,
so be brave"

Then Peter called out
"Command me Lord
to walk with You
on the waves"

"Come" HE said
"Come, and walk with me"

Then Peter stepped
out of the boat
And walked on the sea
But seeing the Wind,
became afraid
He started to sink
crying "Save me LORD"
and Jesus reached out
and took him by the hand

"Ye of Little Faith
Why did you doubt?"

They bowed down
And worshipped HIM
Surely you must be
God's true Son!